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20% off in the activities and activities in the schedule just for the members

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20% off in the activities and activities in the schedule just for the members

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To make a reservation and receive your DLG Member benefits, please mention your DLG Membership when booking and present your DLG wristband or DLG card upon arrival at the reception


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Here, there's no space for the mundane; only for those in pursuit of good vibes and a genuine connection with life's core.

Surfing isn't just a sport; it's a way of life! We're not merely talking about surf schools or beach bars; we're immersed in a lifestyle that embraces nature, sport, art, cuisine, and vibrant music.

It's our remedy against monotony, the energy that ignites our passion!
Hold on tight, because this isn't just about riding waves; it's an irreversible journey to freedom. We approach the waves with the same zeal we approach life—fearlessly and with a style that money can't buy.

Why we love SEA YOU Barcelona

Unique Experiences

Let's be clear about what we DON'T do! We don't tolerate boredom, conform to norms, or let days slip away without purpose. At every spot, whether by the beach or amidst the urban hustle, we offer unique experiences. They all share one thing in common—they're brimming with vitality, maintaining the same vibe and philosophy. No settling for the ordinary—just good vibes and a style that sets us apart." "Here, we offer everything: classes, courses, training sessions, experiences, events, and cool happenings. We also host corporate events, private celebrations, and various social initiatives. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY! What we truly excel at and enjoy to the fullest is having an amazing time with our clients (who are more like friends) and the sea."

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SAMFIT Club – Urban Outdoor Fitness

25% off in singular session (7,5€ instead of 10€) & 10 sessions pack (63,7€ instead of 84,97€) using the discount code DLGMEMBER To reserve the class users must create an account on our platform, purchase the pack with discounted code, and book the session they want to attend

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Activities Bars

Ice Bar

For each mixed drink or cocktail, a complementary shot of tequila or vodka

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